Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why does conference on Immunization and health coalitions single out Autism?

Why does conference on Immunization and health coalitions single out Autism?

The true answer:
Because of idiots like Jenny and Wakefield that worked so damned hard to sell their products woo theory that vaccines cause autism.  You see, these celebrities and quackadoodle scientists all came together and presented their passionate beliefs (or sales pitch) so that parents would stop vaccinating and instead purchase all sorts of woo products and books instead.

Now (our, as in Canada, USA, England and so forth) governments, health agencies & public relations persons etc all have to work very hard to calm down these upset parents.  To be able to refer parents of autistic children to sane anti-woo support groups.  To be able to present the truth (vaccines do not cause autism) without alienating parents.  To do this doctors, health nurses etc, will all need to be able to explain the science-cuz thanks to AoA so many have read these pretend studies, cropped graphs and outrageous lies that AoA puts out.

Why not caner? or diabetes?

Because you quackadoodle lack of critical thinking lobes you..... because the loud scarey voices are not yelling about vaccines causing cancer, or diabetes or whatever.  It is this loud and obnoxious quackfest of obsessive compulsive vaccinescauseautismologists that needs to be addressed.

Summary of comments:

(a post from a Lisa Kritz was allowed, only to create a pile of hatred spewing comments from loyal AoA'ers)

Garbo is dissapointed that casein free diets wont be on the agenda.
(Garbo-that is because GFCF diets don't have anything to do with anything besides quackery-unless one is actually allergic to gluten or cassien.)
Garbo also states that promoting vaccines is 'completely at cross purposes witht he agenda of this autism community'
(Truth at last!  Age of Autism is about being anti vaccines!!  Keep in mind that these attitudes do NOT reflect the majority of the actual autism communitites, only the dickieduckies of AoA and GR thanks.)

Harry has decided that it is ethical and moral to demand a study of vaccinated and unvaccinated.  Harry... you need to look up the words ethical and moral.  And yes, the science is in, just not science that supports your insupportable beliefs.

And that is just a start on the woo comments