Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vaccine Refusal at AoA and effed up comments

Some of the commentators over at Age of Asinine are cracking me up. What follows is my opinion and mouthy way of sharing it. 

The post (about the watchdog article) is discussing how less persons with their shots will equal more persons with the vaccine preventable diseases.
(Gasp, such simple logic has them foaming at the mouth over there!)

Bob Moffit goes on a rant about how he wants a funded study of vaccinated versus unvaccinated oh and by the way he wants a statistic about children's health improvement. 
Newsflash Bob, before vaccines most families lost AT LEAST ONE CHILD to diseases we can now prevent. And I agree with jen, who points out that we just might have that study if the vaccination rates continue to fall in California.

then patrons99 goes on a rant about the lack of scientific evidence in vaccines and herd immunity. (The irony here is killing me) Later he/she follows up with "why dont we use a naturpath?  HAHAHA, because,um... doesnt work?

Then of course you get this commenter going on a discouraged tirade.  Why?  Because the article does not address every little paranoid concern she has.  She figures every article about vaccination should be written by Kim Stagliano I guess...

"What about the fact that an immunized person can still carry and spread pertussis"? Asks another. My answer? "We will get you better Science Classes next time, little grasshopper." Heck even wiki knows that vaccinated persons do not just carry around the disease and spread it.

Mary adds her two cents worth demanding citations for all information in the article. (Here is a hint, Mary.  This is a news article not a study.  But let me answer your questions for ya.  1. Doctors trained in diagnosing disease diagnosed these children with whooping cough.  According to Age of Idiots all doctors have financial ties to the CDC-except for their pets.  2. Various labs tested the samples collected.  According to Age of Ridiculous all labs and lab techs are paid by the CDC and vaccine manufacturors, except for their pets. 3. Duh, if they had been immunized successfully they would not have caught it.  As a 'student of statistics' you should be telling us the answer and providing the formula and information that you use to determine the answer. So, let's say for every 100 people vaccinated 85% are now protected from that disease. If 100 people in one location end up with the disease, the odds are very high that NONE of those persons were immunized (or were immunized AFTER they came incontact iwth the disease.) It is possible that one of those hundred were immunized unsuccessfully. 4. They do not cite the studies because they did not write for a scientific journal.  Besides, Mary, you guys only want studies by Wakefield. Anyone else does a study you AoA'ers all scream foul. 5. Mary, bad news.  You fund the writer.  You buy the paper, or patronize businesses that advertise in that paper.  Thsoe funds are used to pay the reporters.

Tracey has another rant but this gem- "bullying the "educated parent" into compliance!" is my favorite.  I love the quotes around educated parent.  EXACTLY Tracey.  Parents like yourself who have researched on whaleto and AoA etc THINK you are educated.  What you are though is mistaken.  Vaccines do not cause autism.  Vaccines do prevent disease and the spread of said disease.  Herd immunity used to work until you educated yourself. :)

Just because I think it fun, I will finish with Berndetta.  Hunny, have you thought about this? Don't you think that if there were aborted fetuses in the vaccine that it would be difficult to inject it? I'm not funny??? But in all seriousness, there is no gawddammed fetus in teh vaccine.  ohtay??

Friday, August 13, 2010

See? Even AoA knows they are full of it

So, I am really confused.  How can posters and commenters over at age of anger write about how autism is a vaccine injury then deman studies looking at the connection between a parent having MS and a child having Autism?

This is... so contradictory.  Autism is not a vaccine injury.  If it was (it aint), there would be no way that having MS would up your chances of having an autistic child (no clue if one has anything to do with the other).


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Site for lives lost to autism

So the BuZz at AoA is that there is a website dedicated to stories of persons whose lives were lost to autism.
According to some of the comments those who are (not my phrasing) neurodiversity groupies are hating this website and that us (my phrasing) anti-antivaccinators are blogging like mad bitching about it.

Personally, I think a memorial website might be helpful to those who are struggling to come to terms with the loss of a loved one.  (This site though, sounds like it is more of another way to demonize autism rather than be a place of healing)  I do have issues with the phrasing (lives lost to autism? Last I checked you can not die from autism...) but hey.. I have not lost a child-never mind one on the spectrum. 

I have no intentions of checking the website out myself.  It takes up all my courage and gumption just to pop in at Age of Insanity to see what they are up to. (haha)

Seriously, though, reading those comments has me wondering about so many things. I wonder why anyone would want to wallow in the tragic stories.  I wonder why the Age of Antivaccines care if other bloggers like the new website and, well, I wonder why there are so many scarey people online.

I wonder why people insist on talking crap about their children being less, about the lable being responsible for all their woes from weariness to death and about how miserable their lives are.

I am ever grateful to have found the online community where children matter more than rage...

So hugs and prayers for all those who are struggling with grief, Hugs and laughter to any that will accept that laughter is a wonderful thing.