Monday, September 13, 2010

Outrage over "She Lies" and other libel claims

Age of Idiots has a little (little in thought count, not so little in word count) post up by a lady fish.

My favourite is the part where she quotes an article where certain DR allegedly stated "She Lies." (speaking about Barbara Fisher.  Fisher calls this alleged statement "unsubstantiated, unchallenged slur". 

While I agree that being called a liar is never a sunshine feeling moment, it is hardly 'unsubstantiated'.  And Unchallenged?  I suppose that for the sake of this 'balance' that the AgeOfWooers snivels about would demand that the writer that spoke with Dr. Offit would then need to invite Fisher to the discussion.  However, I would not agree that integrity calls for 'balance' in cases like this-where a professional scientifically sound pov needs to be balanced by anecdote fear mongering dishonest graphcropping patooey.

I had not realized the doctor and reporter were being sued by Fisher, but one can hardly fault the Judge for his stance that this needed to not be in court.

Now, we all know name calling is not nice, but there comes a time when calling a spade a spade is the right thing to do.

Interesting, though, that so many lawsuits seem to be happening against persons speaking up against the bullies at Age of Antivaccs.  Brian Deer, Paul Offit, Quackwatch  come to mind without availling of googleseekdom.  Add all the smear campaigns-writing a certain bloggers workplace for example.

Seems like a great deal of these persons so very active in the antivaccine community are struggling to prove their validity.  And heck! If science wont back them up perhaps the courts will!

But alas, seems like even the courts are not willing to give leeway to snake oil salesmen, fear mongers and wooful authors.

What is next?
Perhaps, mixed in with the mudslinging, lawsuit filing, letter writing, internet bullying we can add some nanana's and foot stomping?