Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Child Murder-There is no justification

Ever since Wakefield was trounced by the GMC, Age of Autism has been posting more articles about vaccines than they have about autism.  
Today I stumbled across THIS POST that kind of made me wish they would have stuck to vaccines.
Adriana Gamondes tells us of how in reading all the details of this crime she began to think of poetry-murder ballads.
(And later in the article tells us that parents of autistic children do not have genetic mental health issues-feel the irony there).

After a bit of a lecture on murder ballads she jumps to AoA rhetoric-vaccine injured kids (which are not vaccine injured-they are autistic) are such a dramatic pain in the tushie that the 'vaccine injury community' feels sympathy for the parents that murder their children then kill themselves.

Because, you see, it is just so hard to have an autistic child.

I have an autistic child.  I have two other high maintenance children.  I recently took on an emotionally damaged child who is 16 months old.  Get over it.  Children are hard work.  They cost money.  They bring stress into your world.  They are also incredibly rewarding-if you bother to open your heart to them.

I cannot fathom this parent, this Adriana Gamondes that wrote this up. Don't get me wrong-at times she seems quite lucid.  She is correct, people need to be aware that many prescription drugs can trigger thoughts of suicide, depression, anxiety and so forth. 

The implication throughout Adriana Gamondes' post that parents of autistic children have not only some justification for murdering their children, but that they are fighting off the need to do so at any given moment-well it horrifies me.

Somehow she and her pack of rabid followers are all sure it is the child's fault, big pharma's fault-anyone but the mother's fault.  I find it terrifying that the word autism is a mitigating factor when discussing murder.  

I do not care if your child is loud, obnoxious, ugly, hyper, a fecal artist, severely handicapped or just plain difficult-it is our job as parents to do EVERYTHING in our power to ensure that child feels loved, safe and accepted while still working on developing skills and growth.

Nowhere, noway, nohow is it a parent's job to judiciously decide that a child needs to die.  


  1. You boldly went into the lion's den.

  2. I agree with you. Perhaps these folks should give me their kids. I'm unorganized, but at least I'd appreciate and understand them instead of saying they've been taken away, they are GONE, no longer there, LOST BECAUSE OF AUTISM!!!

  3. I hear ya. I would happily take on a couple more autistic chidren. It infuriates me that some parents feel children are less lovable because of a disability...