Tuesday, June 22, 2010

David Gorsky VS Age of Autism

Go Go Gorsky!  Kick some wackaloon butt!

A nasty, reality dysfunctional group of Anti Vaccine Pro Junk science persons -whom I wont name (cough, mumbleageofautsimcoughcough)- have decided that not only are they going to post misleading information, outright lies aimed at discrediting anyone who has legitimate training in medicine and/or science and encourage parents to not vaccinate their children, but they are also now going to use bullying techniques against any persons foolish enough to voice their opinions against them.
Yes, Age of Lunatics has decided that a full attack on Dr. David Gorski (you might know him as ORAC) and an attempt to ruin his career are the only options available to them in rebuttal of the posts made at his blog.

It is there usually gambit of screeching 'pharma shill' in impotent fury with the added twist of making these ranting claims against Dr. David Gorsky on a professional level.

I offered my letter of support

To The Board of Govenors of Wayne State University:

It is my understanding that some absurd claims have been made against Dr David Gorski by a certain group of anti-vaccination and pro-conspiracy persons. These accusations appear to have sprung from posts on the Generation Rescue and Age of Autism websites.

I have never met Dr. David Gorski, nor am I in a related field.  I am the mother to a child who is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

As a parent it is very easy to find websites such as Age of Autism that provide misleading and potentially harmful information concerning autism and 'cures'.  Dr. David Gorski has demonstrated his valour in attempting to combat this misinformation and junk science on his blog http://scienceblogs.com/insolence/ . 

I believe that this attempt by AoA and GR to discredit Dr. Gorski and cause him professional grief is a case of 'sour grapes'.  These organizations, whom clearly demonstrate on their webpages that they are unwilling to follow scientific finding, have been unable to successfully refute the logical (and yes opinionated) posts that Dr. Gorski has made concerning their claims and beliefs.  Rather than deal with the content of his posts and attempt a rebuttal they are instead attacking Dr. Gorski's character.

As a parent who is active in both my physcial community and the online community as an advocate for my child and autism, I greatly appreciate and  commend Dr. Gorski for the time and effort he has donated to the cause of critical thinking and science.  Without persons such as 'Orac' to rebut these extremists, misinformation spreads unchecked, capable of causing actual harm (as seen in the recent 'vaccines and autism' fiasco).

I sincerely hope that Dr. Gorski suffers not one iota of distress over this latest nonsense orchestrated by these junk science groups.


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